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The Vision:

A city with multiple forms of transport available that reduce the reliance on automobiles: More public transportation with buses, more frequent commuter trains, public shuttles, safe and more numerous bike lanes, and safe sidewalks and paths for pedestrians.

The Problem:

Waltham has horrendous traffic that worsens as commercial development continues in the Route 95/128 corridor. Cars are the main means to move within the city. The traffic systems are obsolete and many of the roads are in poor shape, especially the private ones. This slows traffic, making congestion worse.

Bike lanes are sporadic and disappear in many of the most dangerous intersections. Car-bike crashes are far too frequent and the bike rider ends up transported to the hospital.

Public transportation is inadequate as bus routes have been eliminated and there are fewer runs. There are few shelters to protect those waiting for a bus or the commuter rail. 

Pedestrians, often with children, are required to walk on busy streets because there are no sidewalks.

The Opportunity:

Fixing Waltham’s transportation is one of my top priorities. Here are my plans for the next five-ten years:

  • A new traffic control system to improve traffic flow.

  • Reduce the number of cars on the road by increasing public transportation, including more busses, especially to north Waltham, bike lanes, sidewalks, and shuttles to meet the remaining needs. 

  • Place new housing closer to places of employment to reduce the miles driven in the city and encourages alternate travel means such as bikes and walking.

  • Create safe bike lanes with buffers that will protect both the bicyclists and the pedestrians on the adjacent sidewalk. Put bike racks on municipal properties.

  • Build sidewalks where they don’t exist, especially on main roads such as Totten Pond and Trapelo.

  • Protect bus and train passengers from inclement weather with shelters.

  • Finish the Wayside Rail trail to allow an additional, safe path for travel.

  • Work with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (Mass DOT) and adjacent municipalities to solve traffic problems regionally as much of Waltham’s traffic is not from Waltham.

  • Permit bike sharing companies to operate in Waltham.

Help Make this Vision Reality

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