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Key Issues

Below are some of my key issues that spurred me into running in this election. Waltham is an everchanging city that requires a comprehensive vision that actively seeks out new solutions, and viewpoints. Don't see an issue that's important to you or want more detail? Reach out to me via the contact tab and lets discuss your and my ideas!

As the campaign progresses we will update the issues and add Policy Papers and Proposals, so stay tuned to our social media and email list!


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As City Councilor, I led the fight for stable rents and affordable homeownership, but the Mayor sold out Waltham to Boston developers and blocked progress. Families are being squeezed right now, and as Mayor I'll tackle affordability head on.

Jonathan Paz for mayor of Waltham near a row of Waltham homes.
Jonathan Paz with Waltham residents fighting for public safety and health services.

Seniors & 
Public Safety

I will double the property tax work-off cap to save seniors and veterans money and ensure they can stay in their homes. I’ll improve community-police relations, build trust, and keep people safe. We must tackle the opioid crisis and invest in mental health services.

Education &
Young People

We need a comprehensive curriculum that centers the arts, civics, STEM, and financial literacy. We must expand access to vocational opportunities and create high-paying jobs for young people. I will invest in summer jobs, after school programs and youth sports.

Jonathan Paz plays basketball with Waltham students.
Jonathan Paz supports small businesses and works with residents on better traffic and pedestrian safety.

Small Businesses &

We must cut red tape to support small businesses, and I’ll support innovations like an all-pedestrian Moody St. I secured funds for new bus shelters, Mayor McCarthy blocked them, leaving residents in the rain. We need a real plan for traffic and pedestrian safety.

City Services &
the Environment

Mayor McCarthy failed to fix potholes, address rat infestation, and improve snow removal. I’ll create a 311 system connecting residents to city services. I’ll protect our open spaces and expand our Community Farm, and take steps to fight climate change. 

I won’t be beholden to special interests. I’ll eliminate backroom deals, listen directly to residents, and audit city government to root out corruption. Right now, there’s no plan for Waltham. I’ll bring people together to build a vision for our amazing city.

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