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Policy Papers:

Below you can find the policy papers we have already shared. We are rolling out more in the near future but if you don't see something you want to hear about, reach out to us in the contact page. 

Waltham deserves housing that is both modern and affordable for its diverse community. A new Waltham will have housing that’s accessible for families as well as those with special needs, seniors and young professionals.

Waltham deserves to have a collaborative Mayor who values the public’s input. We deserve to know what Waltham’s officials are doing in the community and should have many opportunities to share our views. Leadership should not be an insider game.

A city that is free of its current rodent explosion while protecting children, pets, and animals of prey such as eagles and owls.

To make the Fernald site one that meets community desires and needs while honoring the history of the thousands of residents who lived there. The design would be the result of community agreement on various elements, but especially a historical reckoning of Fernald’s impact towards people with disabilities. The vision could include playing fields, recreation activities for all ages, walking trails, the arts, and details of Fernald’s history throughout the site. 

A city with multiple forms of transport available that reduce the reliance on automobiles: More public transportation with buses, more frequent commuter trains, public shuttles, safe and more numerous bike lanes, and safe sidewalks and paths for pedestrians.

Help Make this Vision Reality

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